This cabinet is about revealing. Instead of disguising the hinges and everything this wardrobe contains, the cabinet has an open structure and you can literally look through it.
The hinges are not hidden or loose parts; they really take part in the design.
Despite the fact that you can see the cabinet’s content, it still makes you curious to open its doors. You see only half of the things inside and wonder about the unique movement of the hinges.

This project began with my fascination for something that is often hidden in furniture: hinges.
I started this project searching for hinges and inventing new hinges myself to see how they move, what they do and what they can add to a product.
What does the hinge do with the shape of an object? What does it do with the contrast between open and closed in general?

The cabinet is made out of Bamboo. The light colour of the material together with the translucent effect makes the whole design visually lighter.

Material: Sidepressed Bamboo
Size (w,d,h): 120x60x160 cm



Hinged-cabinet-jelmer-wind5 Hinged-cabinet-jelmer-wind4Hinged-cabinet-jelmer-wind8 Hinged-cabinet-jelmer-wind7 Hinged-cabinet-jelmer-wind14